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Today is the release of Home of Her Heart!

Home of Her Heart

All he needed was a bride. . .

Who said anything about falling in love?

Orphaned at birth and a loner all his life, the last thing Sergeant Klayne Campbell needs is for feisty Delaney Danvers to entangle his thoughts. Bravely volunteering for a top-secret mission almost certain to get him killed, Klayne can’t bear the thought of dying utterly alone. All he wants is to face death knowing his life meant something to at least one person. Offering Delaney a marriage of convenience, he plans to leave behind a war bride as his beneficiary. After just one night as her husband, Klayne realizes he’ll do anything to survive and return to her.

The moment she met handsome Sergeant Campbell at a holiday party, Delaney’s whole world shifted off kilter. Full of fun with an unquenchable zest for life, she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. And what she wants is Klayne. When he prepares to join a hazardous mission, she seizes the opportunity to give him a reason to fight his way back home — to her heart.

A tender, sweet romance rich with history and enduring love, Home of Her Heart captures the era and emotions prevalent during America’s entry into World War II.

Get your copy today for just 99 cents! Available on Amazon

HoHH Meme 4


His breath blew across her neck as he placed a heated kiss to the pulse rapidly pounding in her throat. He lifted his head and the sparks in his eyes ignited into liquid fire. Intrigued, uncertain, and longing for something she couldn’t explain and didn’t fully understand, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from his.

A sound of tortured misery escaped his throat on a low groan. “Delaney, you need to step away and show me to the door, right now. If you don’t, if you wait one more minute, I won’t be able to leave. Do you understand what I’m telling you, sweetheart? If you want me to leave, now is the time to tell me.” He started to move away but she wouldn’t let him, clasping her arms around his waist and holding on tight.

He held his arms out to his sides, not touching her. Even so, she felt a tremor pass through him as he fought to hold onto his control.

“Delaney Marie, if you don’t turn me loose, I won’t be held responsible for my actions. I know I promised you a marriage in name only, but you can only push a man so far before he lands beyond the edge of reason.”

“I plan to hold you responsible for your actions, Klayne.” She gave him a smirk as her hazel eyes darkened. “Fully and completely responsible…

Hatfield Party 5

Home of Her Heart marks my 50th published book! Come join in the fun and help me celebrate today from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Pacific Time) with a Release Party on Facebook. Giveaways, games, free books and guest authors will make it three hours of great shenanigans and entertainment!

Hope to see you there!


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Now through April 11 – Aundy is available free!

For those unfamiliar with the Pendleton Petticoats series, Aundy is the first book. Here’s the scoop:

Aundy CoverDesperate to better her situation, Aundy Thorsen agrees to leave behind her life in Chicago to fulfill a farmer’s request for a mail-order bride in Pendleton, Oregon.  When a tragic accident leaves her a widow soon after becoming a wife, Aundy takes on the challenge of learning how to manage a farm, even if it means her stubborn determination to succeed upsets a few of the neighbors.

Born and raised on the family ranch, Garrett Nash loves life in the bustling community of Pendleton in 1899. When his neighbor passes away and leaves behind a plucky widow, Garrett takes on the role of her protector and guardian. His admiration for her tenacious spirit soon turns to something more. He just needs to convince the strong-willed Aundy to give love another try.





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Meet Aundy and Garrett

Praise for Aundy:

“Shanna Hatfield writes a story that is reminiscent of the era captured by Bonanza and The Virginian, complete with the conflict between cattleman and those daring to raise sheep…”

InD’Tale Magazine

“Fans of good clean historical romance that is rich in detail will certainly enjoy Aundy, but anyone looking for a sweet mail order bride tale filled with a few twists will be pleased as well. Truly one of the best mail order bride adventures that I have had the pleasure of reading.”

Brenda Casto for Readers’ Favorite

“The author makes the land, weather, and seasons an essential part of this fascinating story! The characters, including Aundy, are people I genuinely came to care for and want to know more about…This book also provides an accurate picture of many aspects of life in the West at the turn of the century.”

Amazon Reviewer

  “What sets this story apart is humor, as it adds a bit of clean spice to a wonderfully written love story…”

Amazon Reviewer

  “I just love stories with strong female leads and when it combines with historical…WOW! Read this book in just hours.”

Amazon Reviewer

 “It isn’t your usual historic romance novel! The author brought each and every character to life.”

Amazon Reviewer


Before he let sense overrule desire, he yanked off his gloves and tossed them on the nearest chair then took her face in his hands, brushing his thumbs over her cheekbones, gazing into her eyes and getting lost in the warm blue depths.

Lowering his head to hers, he only meant to give her a swift, chaste kiss. Heat exploded between them at the touch of their lips. Garrett lost his ability to think as he repeatedly pressed his mouth, hard and hungry, to hers. When her arms slid around his neck, he drew her even closer and deepened the kiss.

Garrett felt lost to everything except the woman in his arms, the woman who fit there so perfectly. He admired her spirit, appreciated her fine figure, enjoyed her laughter, and liked her caring heart. What he felt now, though, was so much more.

He felt passion and, if he cared to admit it, soul-deep love for the girl who kissed him with every bit as much yearning as he kissed her.

Aundy finally pulled back with a ragged breath, eyes wide in delightful wonder. She’d promised herself she would never get involved with another man, but her feelings for Garrett were more than just involved.

Involved meant there was care and concern, maybe friendship and fun.

The wild currents of longing swirling inside her were so strong they made her bones ache. The emotions Garrett stirred in her were much, much more than she ever imagined feeling for anyone and most definitely beyond being merely involved.

“Garrett, I… you…” she said, unable to think with the delightful tingle of his kisses still riding her lips. She couldn’t believe he’d kissed her. Or that she’d kissed him in return.

Never, not once, had any kiss ever made her feel like her heart would pound right out of her chest. Her stomach felt light and her knees weak while she scrambled to regain the ability to have a coherent thought. How could one kiss, one magnificent kiss, affect her so?

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woman with gun on tracksYeehaw!

Today, I’m guest posting over on the awesome Petticoats & Pistols blog where I talk about Pendleton, the Pendleton Petticoats series, and the city beneath the western town.

Pop on over and check it out!

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Pendleton PetticoatsSince my Pendleton Petticoats series is set in Pendleton, Oregon, in the early 1900s, it seems fitting to include scenes of wheat harvest in the stories.

Back in the early years of the twentieth century, Umatilla County produced approximately one percent of the nation’s wheat crop. Wheat harvest brought workers to town, provided income for families, and was quite an event. It was also a lot of hot, sweaty, backbreaking work. Growing up on a farm, I write from experience about the dusty, itchy chaff that makes the air thick and hard to breathe.

When I was working on Ilsa’s story, one scene in particular finds her out in the field where Nik, Aundy’s adopted son, shows her a combined thresher harvester.

I looked online for some visual inspiration and found a few photos that were exactly what I was searching for.

combine 2

This photo was taken in 1903 in Sherman County, Oregon. (If you’ve read the Grass Valley series, it is set in Sherman County.)

Although I had a general idea of what each piece of equipment on the machine did, I had no idea how to describe it.

Combine-harvester-pulled-by-a-thirty-three-horse-teamThis was another photo that provided a great visual of exactly how I pictured wheat harvest at Nash’s Folly. Taken in 1902 in Walla Walla, WA, this photo shows not only the machine, but also the deep dip in the hill as well.

32 mules

This photo, also from the oldoregonphotos.com website, shows the team of 32 pulling a hillside harvester in 1900. Because of the rolling hills, the farmers needed a machine that wouldn’t tip over on the steep inclines.

combine thrashing arlington 1900And here’s a crew in the early 1900s sitting with bags of golden kernels  near Arlington, OR. The woman on the end doesn’t look particularly excited to be there- but if I had to cook for a threshing crew in the unbearable summer heat dressed in layers of petticoats and long sleeves, I’d probably look really, really grumpy.

harvested wheat sacksI also found this awesome photo that shows walls created with 100,000 sacks of wheat near Pendleton. Mission is on the Umatilla Reservation.

After gathering the historic photos and studying them, I still had no idea how to describe the equipment, so I contacted my dad and asked his sage advice. Emailing him a couple of the photos, he called me and told me what all the parts and pieces were as well as giving me the names of the different jobs each men did.

The jigger sewed the sacks shut once they were filled. The tender made sure the cutter was going where it was supposed to while the skinner drove the team. I had no idea!

My dad, who comes from a long line of farmers, also spent several years after he and my mother first wed working in Pendleton in the early 1950s. He had first-hand experience with the terrain, the hillside harvesters, and even told me why so many of the farmers preferred mules to horses (because the mules could go all day without a problem and the horses often got sores or sick.)

Dad and shortyThis is a photo of my Dad and his friend, who he’s only ever referred to as Shorty. (Don’t you love the farmer’s tan!). My dad’s about 5’11”, so Shorty was indeed of small stature. But Dad always talks about him with fond and funny memories.

Dad also sent me a photo taken during the 1915 wheat harvest at my great-grandfather’s place.

Great Grandpa Jackson threshing crew 1914It looks like they had gone “uptown” and invested in a steam tractor to do some of the work.

I had so much fun studying these old photos – especially the people in them.

I hope you enjoy them, too!



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Caterina coverI’m madly working on making another round of edits to Caterina and then we’ll head into the final stages of proofing.

If all goes well, the book should be ready for your reading pleasure in just about a month.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little about the two main characters.

Kade Rawlings is a deputy sheriff in Pendleton, Oregon. We know from Aundy that he is best friends with Garrett Nash, is unusually tall and incredibly handsome.

Kade 5

Alan Ritchson is Kade Rawlings to perfection. (At least in my imaginative head.)

When I came across his photo, I knew immediately I was looking at my visual inspiration for Kade.

Tough, rugged, strong and good-looking, Kade doesn’t let anything get in the way of what he wants – or what he thinks is right.


Mila Kunis is exactly how I picture Caterina Campanelli.  A dark-haired beauty with a feisty personality.

In the story, Caterina comes from a boisterous Italian family, and I thought Mila’s coloring worked well for Caterina’s heritage.

Despite her lovely appearance, Caterina is known to have a short-temper, sharp-tongue, and a determination to have things her way. She’s also big-hearted and a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for more details about Caterina as we get closer to the publication date!

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