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From the beloved Pendleton Petticoats series, Steve the Mule now has his own story!

AMZ Steve the Mule

Steve The Mule

A Pendleton Petticoats Children’s Story

Steve the Mule has an important job at his family’s ranch in 1910 Pendleton, Oregon.  Explore a day in his life as he keeps an eye on little Willa. When he discovers trouble brewing, Steve races off to save her. Will he make it in time?

This lighthearted tale full of laughter and fun is suitable for young readers ages 3-8 (and the young at heart).

Steve the Mule promo 1

Available now in digital, paperback, and hardback formats!

Amazon: http://a.co/ilyc3aX

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1127470686

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/steve-the-mule/id1312678387

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/steve-the-mule


Steve the Mule first made an appearance in Bertie (Pendleton Petticoats Book 6). He belonged to Riley Walsh, the hero in the story.

Steve never let a little thing like fences or doors keep him from going wherever he wished. Many readers wrote to be after that book released requesting more about Steve. He made guest appearances in other books in the sweet romance series, each time drawing more requests for Steve to have his own story.

As much as I wanted to make my dear readers happy, I could not figure a way to write an entire romance novel with the mule as the main hero of the story.

Then, one day, I landed on the idea of a children’s book. What if I could somehow write a children’s book with Steve as the hero?

Steve the Mule Sample pages-3.jpg

Immediately, I began searching for an illustrator. This was not an easy task, but I’m thrilled beyond words to have Rob Foote as the illustrator of this story. He is amazing and was brilliant to work with.  He even worked in a little “hidden figure” on each page of the book that our own sweet Lil’ Miss suggested he add.

So I hope you enjoy Steve the Mule. If enough people do, I’d love to publish more Pendleton Petticoats children’s books.


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I’ve shared my little quirk before of how I find a song that fits the story I’m writing and play it on a continuous loop while I work on the book

There is no doubt it drives our poor Lil’ Miss straight up the wall when she comes home and hears me playing the same song for the billionth time. However, the song creates a background noise that blocks out the rest of the world. And the perfect song helps bring the story and characters to life.

The first time I heard Chris Janson sing “Holdin’ Her,” I knew I had to use it while I wrote one of my books.

HOHH PPB rightAs soon as the characters for Klayne and Delaney from Home of Her Heart started banging around in my head, I realized “Holdin’ Her” was perfect for the book. It fits so well with the story and the characters.

I can’t tell you how many times I just sat back in my chair and listened to the words, envisioning Klayne and Delaney.

The really cool thing about this song is that Chris Janson wrote it for his wife and kids. It’s a true story, based on how he met her, married her, and began a whole new life with her.

Give it a listen. If you haven’t heard it before, you are in for a treat.

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HoHH Meme 4

One of the things I love about getting ready to write a new story is creating the characters.

Once I decide on how the character looks in my mind’s eye, I start searching online for visuals to help reinforce my vision for the main characters (and sometimes the secondary characters, too).

For Home of Her Heart, I knew right away I needed a visual of a man who looked like a soldier for Klayne Campbell’s character.

brendan 5

Brendan Penny fit the bill particularly well. I could totally see him as Klayne.

brendan 3

It was easy to picture him as the loner Klayne. As someone quiet yet sensitive, even if he didn’t always know how to express himself.

Brendan Penny

It’s no wonder Delaney fell head over heels in love with him.

The character of Delaney… she’s tough and strong, sassy and bold, yet softhearted and gentle.Jana 2

I thought Jana Kramer made a perfect Delaney…  from that winning smile


jana 6

right down to the smirk that so enchants Klayne.

jana 5

I could just picture Delaney standing at her bedroom window, wondering if Klayne will ever come home.


levi miller

For Delaney’s nephew, Ryatt, I chose Levi Miller. He’s such a little cutie and I could just picture him as the wounded yet loving boy.

As for Delaney’s dad, Dill, I didn’t have a clear vision in mind.

Who do you think would be a good visual represenation of Dill Danvers?

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Today is the release of Home of Her Heart!

Home of Her Heart

All he needed was a bride. . .

Who said anything about falling in love?

Orphaned at birth and a loner all his life, the last thing Sergeant Klayne Campbell needs is for feisty Delaney Danvers to entangle his thoughts. Bravely volunteering for a top-secret mission almost certain to get him killed, Klayne can’t bear the thought of dying utterly alone. All he wants is to face death knowing his life meant something to at least one person. Offering Delaney a marriage of convenience, he plans to leave behind a war bride as his beneficiary. After just one night as her husband, Klayne realizes he’ll do anything to survive and return to her.

The moment she met handsome Sergeant Campbell at a holiday party, Delaney’s whole world shifted off kilter. Full of fun with an unquenchable zest for life, she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. And what she wants is Klayne. When he prepares to join a hazardous mission, she seizes the opportunity to give him a reason to fight his way back home — to her heart.

A tender, sweet romance rich with history and enduring love, Home of Her Heart captures the era and emotions prevalent during America’s entry into World War II.

Get your copy today for just 99 cents! Available on Amazon

HoHH Meme 4


His breath blew across her neck as he placed a heated kiss to the pulse rapidly pounding in her throat. He lifted his head and the sparks in his eyes ignited into liquid fire. Intrigued, uncertain, and longing for something she couldn’t explain and didn’t fully understand, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from his.

A sound of tortured misery escaped his throat on a low groan. “Delaney, you need to step away and show me to the door, right now. If you don’t, if you wait one more minute, I won’t be able to leave. Do you understand what I’m telling you, sweetheart? If you want me to leave, now is the time to tell me.” He started to move away but she wouldn’t let him, clasping her arms around his waist and holding on tight.

He held his arms out to his sides, not touching her. Even so, she felt a tremor pass through him as he fought to hold onto his control.

“Delaney Marie, if you don’t turn me loose, I won’t be held responsible for my actions. I know I promised you a marriage in name only, but you can only push a man so far before he lands beyond the edge of reason.”

“I plan to hold you responsible for your actions, Klayne.” She gave him a smirk as her hazel eyes darkened. “Fully and completely responsible…

Hatfield Party 5

Home of Her Heart marks my 50th published book! Come join in the fun and help me celebrate today from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Pacific Time) with a Release Party on Facebook. Giveaways, games, free books and guest authors will make it three hours of great shenanigans and entertainment!

Hope to see you there!

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When I was writing Garden of Her Heart and mentioned the character of Delaney Danvers, I knew right then she would have her own story.  At the time, I didn’t know, exactly, what or where or when. Before I completed the book, I happened upon an old map that showed where Army airfields had been located during WWII. And there, among them, was a base in Pendleton, Oregon.

Those of you who have read my Pendleton Petticoats series will understand why this tidbit of history was so exciting to me! Delaney’s story immediately began taking shape in my head even though it would be many months before I actually began writing her story.

Pendleton Army Air Base (Pendleton Field) officially opened in the spring of 1941, months before Pearl Harbor. By June, the base was home to more than 300 officers and 2,200 enlisted men, including the U.S. Army Air Forces’ 17th Bombardment Group.

Members of Pendleton’s 17th Bombardment Group participated in one of the most famous missions of World War II, the Doolittle raid on Tokyo in April 1942. (I’m going to share more about that another day.)  Pendleton was also where the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, better known as the  Triple Nickle Smokejumpers (an all black infantry unit that comprised the first military airborne firefighters in America), were based toward the end of the war. They were stationed in Pendleton to fight forest fires, especially those ignited by Japanese balloons carrying incendiary bombs.


Pendleton, with its Wild West reputation and colorful history, provided the perfect setting for this story. When I envisioned what it would be like to walk through town in 1942, I envisioned soldiers from the base mingling among civilians in town. Of course, I had to make some of those civilians folks from the Pendleton Petticoats stories.

If you read Home of Her Heart, you’ll encounter familiar characters like Kade Rawlings, Tony and Ilsa Campanelli, Nik Nash, and Gideon McBride.

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was for me to share these characters as they’ve grown older (and wiser!).

Home of Her Heart releases Aug. 10, but you can pre-order it today… for just 99 pennies!

Here’s a little excerpt:

The woman wasn’t the prettiest he’d ever seen. Her nose was a bit too broad and slightly crooked, as if it had been broken in the past. Her chin was slightly too sharp, inarguably stubborn. Her hazel eyes were bright, lively, and inquisitive. But her lips, oh those tantalizing lips, were absolutely made for being kissed well and often.

Stunned, he realized something about her appealed to him more than any woman he’d ever met.

“What kind of man spies on a woman from behind a Christmas tree?” she asked, stopping in front of him and crossing her arms in front of her chest. Her face held a look of suspicious scrutiny.

Dumbfounded and caught in the act, Klayne lost the ability to speak.

The scornful look she’d given him melted into a warm smile. She laughed and placed a hand on his arm. “I’m teasing you, soldier. What’s your name?”

He stared at her another moment before he looked down to his arm where her hand rested. It threatened to sear through the fabric of his shirt and brand his skin. Although he expected her to have soft hands with manicured nails, her hands were work-roughened, chapped, and with nails broken down to the quick. A scab covered the backs of two knuckles and a cut stretched along the length of her index finger.

“You’re a quiet one, aren’t you?” she asked, continuing to look at him as she dropped her hand.

“Most of the time, ma’am,” he said, silently urging his tongue to regain function. “My name is Klayne. Sergeant Klayne Campbell.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Sergeant.” She gave him a beaming smile and held out a hand to him. “I’m Delaney Danvers, but most of my friends just call me Dee.”

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Caterina is now available on audio from Amazon, Audible or iTunes!

The awesome Meghan Kelly did a fabulous job narrating the story – including some fun Italian accents!

Listen to a sample here: Caterina Sample

Why did she have to fall for

     the most infuriating man in town? 

On the run from the Italian mafia, feisty Caterina Campanelli travels across the country and hides in a small western town. Uncertain about her future, she does her best to ignore her past and the turmoil the deputy stirs in her heart. Seeking comfort in her cooking, the last thing she needs is a sweet romance with most handsome and exasperating man in Pendleton.

Dedicated to his work as a deputy, Kade Rawlings loves the life he’s created for himself. Determined to remain single and unfettered, he just can’t stay away from the Italian spitfire who rolls into town keeping secrets and making the best food he’s ever eaten. Using his charm, wit, and brawn to win her trust, he may just get more than he bargained for.

And here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Do you always behave so deplorably?” Caterina asked, enjoying her turn to bait Kade. He so often said something to stir her temper. She was in such a fine mood after the banker agreed to her loan, she didn’t think there was a single thing the deputy could do or say to upset her.

“I don’t behave deplorably,” Kade grumbled, cocking a hip as he leaned against the counter. “You, however, behaved like a tavern wench, casting your wiles on Grant until he didn’t know up from down. Is that how the women in your family go about getting what they want?”

Caterina almost dropped the plate she dried on the floor and only managed to keep it from shattering by grasping the edge at the last second. Carefully setting it down on the counter, she narrowed her gaze and tightened her lips into a thin line.

“What? Don’t look at me like that when I’m only telling you what I saw. You flirted and teased, batted those long eyelashes of yours, and poured on the charm until he would have done anything you asked.” Kade wished he could reel in the words as quick as he’d said them.

Instead of apologizing and begging her forgiveness, he reverted to a tactic he’d used many times to appear aloof and disinterested. He took out his pocketknife and began picking at his fingernails. Unable to keep from further goading her, he continued his taunting while he focused on his knife blade. “Seems to me you were trying to sell more than the idea of your restaurant.”

He almost sliced through his finger when a wet dishtowel caught him in the face.

“How could you? How could you say such things to me?” Caterina stamped her foot as she glared at him, seething. Blooms of vibrant pink color filled her cheeks while snapping, angry sparks shot from her expressive eyes.

“You…you…bully!” Caterina looked around for something else to throw at him that wouldn’t break. She picked up a handful of the cutlery she’d just finished washing then started flinging spoons and forks his direction.

Too shocked by her actions to move immediately, a fork poked his hand before Kade shoved his knife into his pocket and lifted one of the chairs at the table. He held it in front of him trying to block the flying silverware. He was grateful Aundy had already dried the knives and put them away.

“Now, Cat, you need to calm down,” Kade said soothingly. He had plenty of practice handling hysterical females.

Only the female across the room didn’t look hysterical. Fuming and furious, definitely, but not hysterical.

“Don’t you ‘now, Cat’ me, you beast,” Caterina yelled, pointing her finger at Kade. “How dare you! How dare you speak so vilely, you disgusting, rotten…”


Post a comment for a chance to win a free copy of Caterina’s Audio Book!

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Dally Cover


(Pendleton Petticoats, Book 8)

She’s ready to spread her wing and fly…
He’s scrambling to set down roots.

Unconventional Dally Douglas is as likely to be found wearing her brother’s britches and riding a horse as she is dressed in lace-trimmed finery sipping tea in the parlor. With no plans to wed, she convinces her family to allow her to stay at their ranch in Oregon. Free and unfettered, she plans to remain that way, even when the town’s beloved young doctor returns home and captures both her interest and her heart.

Charismatic, handsome, and dedicated to his work, Doctor Nik Nash finally makes his way back to Pendleton. After years of studying and gaining hands-on experience, Nik is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to the place he calls home. Focused on his career, he has no time for a woman, especially not one as lively, fascinating, and enchanting as Dally Douglas.

When a freak accident brings the two of them together, their stubborn determination may cost them the chance to know true love.

Bursting with sweet romance, this tender yet lighthearted story draws readers into a world of rustic elegant charm.

Available now on Amazon!


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