Talking Turkey

Hubby and I are not huge turkey fans.

To be quite honest, we’d prefer just about any other meat to turkey.

But then…

We discovered these really tasty Turkey Breasts from Butterball.

They come precooked, smoked and flavored and are piping hot and ready to eat in just 30 minutes. The meat is moist and tender and wonderful. It is so fast and easy to make – just like the package says… everyday. As in you can make it for an everyday dinner not as in I’m eating this every day. Eww! I like it, but it isn’t chocolate, after all!


To prepare, I put the breast in a foil lined pan and bake according to package directions.

When it is piping hot, just slice and serve. How easy is that?


And delicious! Especially if you drain off the juice and make something wicked like potatoes and gravy to go along with the turkey!

Happy Entertaining!

She who now likes turkey



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