Taste of Tara Teaser


I thought you all might enjoy a little snippet from Taste of Tara today!


taste-of-tara-coverIf Bradley Cooper had a doppelganger with sun streaked blond hair, this guy had to be him. The day she’d noticed him riding one of the horses at Magnolia Rose, she’d hesitated for a moment to admire his muscular form, engaging smile, and blue eyes that could stop even the most stalwart prude in her tracks.

Unfortunately, she’d only seen him across the backyard and no one had introduced them. The possibility existed it wasn’t even the same guy. The one at the plantation always wore a black cowboy hat. This man’s blond hair gleamed in the sunlight. Odds existed there could be two Bradley Cooper doubles running around Atlanta, but she doubted it.

Rushing toward the gorgeous guy, he gave her a strange glance then looked behind her. His gaze narrowed and he reached out a hand to her. “Did you wander off again, honey? You could get into trouble doing that, you know. It’s time for us to get back, anyway.”

Grateful for his assistance and the little fib he spouted to ward off the approaching men, Tara reached out and clasped his hand in hers. She cast a quick glimpse over her shoulder. Two burly ruffians turned around and headed back in the direction she’d come from. She would never, ever go off alone like that again.

A cackle from the figure in the wheelchair drew Tara’s attention. Tufts of white hair stuck up all over his head like randomly affixed hunks of cotton candy. The old man fixed his faded eyes on Tara before he smirked at the young man. “You got something you need to tell me, son?”


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