Thankful – a word for 2021

I recently wrote about the word I chose for 2020 – believe.

For 2021, the word that will be my theme for the year is thankful.

With all the negativity around us, all the sad, horrible news that seems to grow worse by the day, it’s easy to get mired in the muck and forget that we have so, so many wonderful things in our lives for which we can be thankful.

When I was thinking about what word I wanted to focus on this year, I was struggling to decide. Then a verse from Ephesians 5 popped into my thoughts; “Giving thanks always for all things unto God…” And I knew what my word for 2021 would be.


I am thankful for this new year. For a fresh beginning. Renewed hope. For our health and our loved ones. For exciting adventures ahead. For incredible opportunities just waiting to be explored. For our home. For work that brings me such joy, it seems more like play than work! For my readers and friends. For books written and read, and stories awaiting their chance to be told. I’m so thankful for grace and mercy, forgiveness and second chances, hope and love.

As I journey through a year of being thankful, I hope you’ll come along with me. And I hope, too, you’ll find plenty of things to be thankful for, too!

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