Thanks, Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to give credit where credit is due.

I love to read. Absolutely love it. In an average week, I read at least two books (this is in addition to working full-time, writing, blogging, and attempting to keep Captain Cavedweller from feeling ignored, starved or otherwise neglected).

That love of reading came from my Mom. She loves to read, or at least used to before she lost most of her eyesight.

I can remember her reading me stories throughout my childhood. There are fuzzy memories of being rocked with a storybook that move into clearer pictures of her sitting on my bed at night and reading me “Little House on the Prairie” stories as well as “Trixie Belden” books.

As I got older, the roles reversed and I read to her, but I did treasure that time we spent together reading. When I was in high school and then college, we sometimes read the same books and then compared what we liked about them or the characters. She liked the thrillers much more  than I did. I was always much more inclined to pick up something with sappy characters and a happy ending.

So Mom, thanks for sharing your love of reading with me. It is a gift I’ve enjoyed my entire life and one that has taken me places I’ve only imagined, sparked my creativity and fueled my dreams. For that I am deeply and profoundly grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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