The Autumn Fairies

When Captain Cavedweller and I got back from a week’s vacation last Friday evening, it was so fun to walk in the door and have fall greet us with warmth and cheer.

CC is convinced magic fairies came in, cleaned the house and decorated for fall while we were gone.  Me, not so much. I sort of remember spending 106 of the 24 hours before we left the house frantically cleaning and tossing decorations around.

But it was fun to came home to a festive home that looked and smelled like autumn.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite decorations today. They make me smile and warm my heart and cause me to want to never leave my house. Except maybe to get more chocolate. And pumpkin.

How could you not smile at this face?
Captain Cavedweller’s grandma gave me this print years ago. I don’t know why, but it makes me think of fall and my dad. I’m pretty sure those boys are up to no good and I wonder if that is how my dad and his cousin Willie looked when they were plotting their next adventure.
Some of my favorite fall dishes. The red vases toward the bottom were a gift CC’s grandparents received for their wedding back in 1949!
The guest room even has a fall-themed bedspread that yours truly made back when she had a little more spare time than I do these days. I found a leaf pattern I liked, cut out leaves, stitched them onto blocks going every direction and then used a rose print (of course) fabric in fall colors to pull it together. The shams are made with fabric used for the leaves.
Love this cheerful little scarecrow print!
And I love this set of blocks that spell out Autumn. They are my newest fall decoration from someone who truly is a magic autumn fairy and is loved very much.


Happy Autumn entertaining!

She Who LOVES this Season!

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