The Baby

I’m conflicted.

Really, I am.

You know those ads in magazines that show some odd looking doll that you know some old lady faithfully collects with her limited pension funds? The ones that sometimes look creepy and strange and you wouldn’t want to have in your home because you are pretty sure in the dark of night you’d wake up and find it staring at you?

I hate to admit it, but one of those dolls just completely captured my attention. Does that mean I’m turning into a weird old lady who’ll begin a freaky doll collection? Aaccckkk! I hope not.

But you’ve got to see this doll.

Doesn’t it look like a real-live baby?

From the Ashton-Drake Galleries, this doll is one of their “So Truly Real” collection, made by artist Linda Murray.

This sweet little thing, from her chubby pink cheeks and dark hair to her adorable little fingers, is 22 inches of life-like baby.

For someone who would rather cuddle a baby than eat chocolate (up until said baby cries, needs changed and wants fed), this seems like an ideal solution.

But then that makes me one of those deranged old people with questionable behavior.

See where I am conflicted?

Here is the part of the doll that is really throwing me for a loop. It is “interactive” and once you insert the batteries, you place your finger in the doll’s tiny little hand like this:

And then the doll does this:

Oh. My. Gracious.

And look at these tiny little life-like fingers, right down to the fingernails.

I bet the doll even has that sweet baby smell.

The best course of action at this point is to forget I ever saw this.


That’s what I’ll do.

She Who May Be in Love with This Doll

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