The Butterfly

Saturday, Captain Cavedweller and I did something I promised I’d never do again – held a yard sale.

I hate them. Loathe them. Have nightmares about them.

But due to the backyard project that I’ll blog about soon, we had to tear down one of our storage sheds and we have 18 years of useless treasures that needed to be sorted through and disposed of.

A yard sale seemed like the best way to make a dent in all that…. stuff disappearing.

So while CC made breakfast and then lunch, I sat outside and waited for shoppers, read a book, got really sunburned and reminded myself to never again hold another yard sale.

We live out in the country. We don’t get a  lot of drive-by traffic. And for whatever reason, I could not convince CC to go stand down at the corner of the highway and hold a big sign advertising our sale. What’s up with that, anyway.

So while I sat pouting and burning my fair skin to a crisp, CC pointed out a lovely butterfly who seemed to be quite taken with our blooming pinks. I ran in the house and grabbed my camera, attempting for about twenty minutes to get a shot of it not moving.

Finally, it held mostly still.

I can relate to that butterfly. Sometimes I flit around, don’t want bothered, just want to do my thing.

But I’m really glad it settled down long enough to snap a quick photo!

She Who Needs To Just Relax

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