The Calm Before the Storm


Before you become fully entrenched in the rush of the holidays…

Before you find yourself entangled in stringing lights and decking the halls…

Before you are elbow deep in cookie baking…

Before you find yourself running from this program to that party…

Before you are exhausted and overcommitted…

Take time to connect with a few friends for a little spa time.

If you want to make salon appointments and go together, great.

If you want to invite over a few close friends and spend an afternoon soaking your feet, sipping some delicious beverage and laughing like only good friends can do – even better.

Keep the refreshments super simple. Think one hot beverage and one cold beverage choice and some healthy snacks like fruit or veggies with cheese and crackers – and don’t forget the dark chocolate (it’s healthy!).

It’s easy to pick up some very inexpensive dish pans at the dollar store. These are great for foot soaking. Add some peppermint soaking crystals or fizzing tabs. Watch a funny movie. Laugh about past holiday disasters.

The whole point is to relax and spend a few hours just enjoying your friends.

When you are knee-deep in holiday chaos, you’ll look back on those spa hours as the calm before the storm.

She Who Needs to Plan A Spa Day


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