The Cats

Under normal circumstances, the two cats who rule the roost at our house don’t get along.

As in they smack each other every chance they get.

As in they don’t know the meaning of playing well with each other.

As in… they fight like cats and dogs minus the dogs.

After The Heinous Cat came home from his 12-day vacation (accidentally locked in the neighbor’s storage shed and none of us could find him), he and The Interloper seem to be getting along better. Mostly.

We’re having a humungous project done in our back yard right now which is disturbing to both cats and humans. While it has put this human on edge, it seems to have brought the two felines together in their combined efforts to not be killed or eaten by all the foreign monsters invading their space.

The Heinous Cat has not had any problem maintaining his aloof, disinterested act. Except I’m not sure it is an act. He’s got a bit of an ego thing going on, too.

“No autographs, please. My people will get with your people. Goodbye.”

The Interloper is much more friendly and loving, if not somewhat bizarre.

“Do you see me, Mama? I’m right here! See me! Hello! Pretty kitty here!”

When Maizy (The Interloper) leaned over close to Drooley (The Heinous Cat), past history has shown this is the point where he will raise his paw and slap her silly.

Only this time…

This time…

They kitty-kissed. It was completely out of character and so sweet.

Maybe I need to have my back yard demolished more often if it will make these two get along.

She Who Has Melted in a Puddle

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