The Christmas Calamity Cover Debut

The Christmas Calamity CoverI’m unbelievably giddy to share the cover of The Christmas Calamity with you today!

It keeps with the theme of the first two books in the Hardman Holidays series.

christmas bargain cover

The Christmas Token Cover lrAnd I like the cheery, cherry red color. Definitely seems Christmassy.

The photo in the background of the cover is one I took when we visited Hardman – just with some snow added.

Did you notice the magic wagon in the back? How cool is that?

In addition to debuting the cover today, I also have some other incredibly exciting news.

You can hop over to Amazon and pre-order your copy today for just $1.99. After the book is released Nov. 13, the price will go up to $2.99.

I’d absolutely love it if you could help drive my pre-order sales. It does great things for a book’s ranking the day it releases. Please get your copy and tell your friends to order theirs early while it’s on sale.

Here is the link:

And because you all are so awesome, I’m sharing a little teaser from the book today.



He stopped at the mercantile and perused the goods, searching for something special to share with Alex. Settling on a box of chocolates, he paid for them and smiled when Aleta gave her approval on his selection.

“These are some of the best confections in the store, Arlan. You can’t go wrong with these.”

He thanked her, slid the box into his coat pocket, and hurried on his way to the school. Halfway there he noticed Alex lurking in the alley behind the saloon.

Quietly walking around behind her, he tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around with a hand over her mouth to stifle her scream. Recognition replaced fear and she swatted him on the shoulder then grabbed his hand, pulling him deeper into the shadows of the alley.

“What are you doing?” she hissed, glancing around to make sure they’d gone unnoticed. “You’re going to get me killed, you ninny.”

“What are you talking about?” His breath stirred the curls near her ear as he leaned close, keeping his voice low. “I was on my way to see you and bring you a surprise when I noticed you prowling around in the alley. I think I’m the one with a right to know what you’re about.”

“I’m getting ready to kill a man so you best stand back and be quiet.”

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