The Christmas Cowboy Cover

The Christmas Cowboy lr

I just got all my proof copies of The Christmas Cowboy back from my fantastic proofreaders. I can’t wait to make the changes, proofread the book a few more times, make final edits and have it ready for you by mid-October!

Since I’m working on Tate and Kenzie’s story this week, I thought I’d share how The Christmas Cowboy cover came to be. I think it is so, so important for book covers to be both original and eye-pleasing. Thank goodness this one does both!

One of my former co-workers has a wonderful son-in-law who, thankfully, was game to pose for the cover. A genuinely nice guy, he was perfect to represent Tate in the story (who also happens to be a good-looking nice guy).

Paul’s wife, who is just a sweetheart, let me come to their house to take the photos. I brought along the props and they provided the house and steps. It worked out well.

We won’t talk about how much time I spent wrapping the “gifts” or adding the bow to the rope.


This was the original photo. You’ll notice the front door and mailbox in this photo. I decided a solid wall behind Tate would look better for the cover, so with the magic of Photoshop, they disappeared.

The next thing I did was add snow. It’s a Christmas story and it takes place in the Tri-Cities, Washington, where snow randomly falls in the winter. Besides, I like the way the snow added something to the photo. Again, I used Photoshop – just a brush with white “paint” to create the dusting of snow.

I also added garlands to the porch post. It made it more festive and added  a little oomph of holiday flair.

Then I added some swirls, to create the illusion of snow flurries.

The final touch was the book title – using a fun font that went along with the western theme of the book.

The Christmas Cowboy lrKind of fun to see the before and after, isn’t it?

Big thanks to our friends for letting us invade your front steps, take the photo – and to Paul for posing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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