The Christmas Crusade Backstory

The Christmas Crusade S. Hatfield

Wow! It was awesome to see so many of you at the pre-launch party for Sweet Christmas Kisses 2 on Tuesday. Thank you for joining in the fun!

As I mentioned that day, I’m part of a boxed set that will release Sept. 29. Nineteen authors from Sweet Romance Reads went together and created nineteen brand-new sweet novellas to share.SRR2 Xmas Final The stories range between 25,000 to 35,000 words, but for the 99 cent price for the book – it’s an incredible deal and a whole bunch of great holiday fun!

I thought I’d share a little of the backstory of The Christmas Crusade, my contribution to the set.

Coffee Girl CoverIn  The Coffee Girl,  Brenna’s friend Kat became immediately smitten with Brock’s friend Levi.

Even though I wrote Brock and Brenna’s story back in 2012, Levi and Kat have lingered in my thoughts. I wanted them to have their own story, but I didn’t quite know how to make it happen.

Then, when the opportunity arose to be in the Sweet Christmas Kisses 2 boxed set, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring Levi and Kat together.

In The Christmas Crusade, Levi and Kat haven’t seen each other for three years, the attraction between the two of them is immediate. Levi works at a community center in a bad neighborhood and is desperate to secure a corporate sponsor who can help make the holidays merry for those in need. Kat just happens to work at the corporation Levi convinces to support his crusade to assist the downtrodden.

Although this story is much shorter than my normal books, I think you’ll enjoy the way it unfolds.

Just for fun, here’s another little excerpt:


He stretched across the cab and grabbed the bag of food while Kat hobbled toward the door.

Levi pulled her to a halt. “Are you limping?”

“It’s nothing. I know better than to wear such high heels to an event like this, but they matched my dress.”

“Women! What is this crazy need you all seem to have to destroy your feet for fashion’s sake?” Levi grumbled. He bent over and placed his shoulder against Kat’s midsection, lifting her like a sack of potatoes.

She shrieked and grabbed onto the first thing she could reach, which just happened to be his firm rear end. He jumped at the unexpected touch, but didn’t set her down, continuing to the front door of her building. A doorman he’d met before grinned so broadly, Levi thought he might drop his dentures.

“Evening Dr. Clarke, Miss Kingsley. Nice to see you both.”

“Oh!” Kat huffed, but Levi merely tipped his head to the friendly older gent and hurried to the elevator. He pushed the button and as soon as the door opened, he stepped inside.

“Levi, if you don’t set me down this minute, I will scream like the devil himself is inside the elevator.” Kat tried to glare at him from her precarious perch over his shoulder.

He chuckled and ignored her threat.

“Settle down, Kat, and enjoy the ride. We’re almost there.”


Remember, you can pre-order the book at your favorite online retailer:






And don’t forget to mark Sept. 29 on your calendar. We’re doing a launch party that day (although I don’t yet have the link!).

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