The Christmas Letters Characters Part 1

I haven’t shared the inspiration for the characters in my Christmas Letters series.

So, today, I want to introduce you to the character inspiration for two of the books: Dear Mister Frost and Dear Miss Nicholas.

Let’s start with Jaylyn Smith of Dear Mister Frost.

Jaylyn manages (and works super hard) on the tree farm that has been in her family for generations.

I knew I wanted her to have a wholesome look, and a kindness about her.

When I saw a photo of Shae Robins, I knew she’d was exactly the inspiration I wanted to Jaylyn’s characters.

She is lovely, and with those gorgeous eyes, no wonder Jaxon was smitten from the start!

Speaking of Jaxon, I struggled to find just the right inspiration for him. I wanted someone smart but handsome, and fit. I finally went to Captain Cavedweller and we brainstormed ideas. He finally said, “how about the McGyver guy?” I knew exactly who he meant, and he is PERFECT!

Lucas Till is ideal for Dr. Jaxon Frost – a brainiac who has devoted his life to studying and improving trees.

Those dimples. That hair! No wonder Jaylyn fell head over heels for him!

Jaylyn’s college roomie was Lyra Nicholas. The two have remained close friends even though their lives and careers take them different directions.

Lyra needed to have a classy, somewhat elegant look to her. When I spied Anna Daines, I knew she was the one for Lyra’s character.

She is just beautiful, and exactly how I envisioned Lyra, from the short hair and lovely eyes, to that smile.

It is no wonder the first time Tucker meets here he is thrown for a loop. I could just so easily picture her glancing at him looking exactly like this.

Tucker Lee is a rancher, a cowboy, a man’s man, and a tough guy with the heart of a marshmallow. I did a lot of searching to find just the right inspiration for him.

Then I happened upon a photo of a model taken by a western photographer.

Ross Jirgl is oh, so perfect to Tucker. From the smile to the way he stands.

It was so easy to picture him and Lyra fighting their attraction to each other.

(And you are welcome!)

Be sure to check back in two weeks to meet Sam Silver, his cousin Kutter Hayes, and other characters from Dear Mister Silver and Dear Miss Baker!

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