The Christmas Letters Characters Part 2

I shared the inspiration for Dear Mister Frost and Dear Miss Nicholas two weeks ago. If you missed it, you can find that blog post here.

Today, I wanted to give you a peek at the inspiration for the characters in Dear Mister Silver and Dear Miss Baker. The reason I put these two books together is because the Sam Silver and Kutter Hayes (the heroes of the two books) are cousins.

Let’s start with Sam.

When I was thinking about this character, I was searching for someone who looked kind, maybe a little wounded by life. I didn’t have a particular hair or eye color in mind.

So, when I happened to see Casey Elliott in a Christmas movie on GAC, he struck me as an ideal Sam Silver.

Life may not have turned out the way he planned, but he’s held onto his sense of humor. He’s a good guy with a big heart, one that is especially soft and tender when it comes to Erika Esposito and her little boy Joey.

Erika’s son has cancer and things don’t look good. She is a widow who has experienced more than her share of pain in life.

But I couldn’t quite picture her, other than seeing blonde hair.

So, one night over dinner, Captain Cavedweller and our nephew who is living with us tossed around ideas. CC suggested “the gal who played on NCIS.”

What an awesome suggestion that turned out to be. As soon as he said that, I knew Emily Wickersham was going to be my inspiration for Erika.

She has that hesitant to accept happiness look when Sam first encounters her. And she’s beautiful.

It was wonderful to see her be able to smile again after meeting Sam.

The inspiration for Joey was easy. I was watching a Hallmark movie and Azriel Dalman just jumped out at me as a perfect Joey.

I can so easily picture this kiddo capturing Sam’s heart.

Sam’s cousin Kutter Hayes is also his best friend. The two of them torment, tease, encourage, and support each other.

I knew Kutter and Sam wouldn’t necessarily look alike, which was fine. Another dinner conversation with brainstorming for characters ended with the idea of Josh Hutcherson for Kutter’s character.

He turned out to be such a perfect choice for Kutter’s character (although I made Kutter quite a bit taller).

Josh has exactly the look I wanted for Kutter. I could so easily picture him tormenting Sam or teasing Halston Baker, our heroine of Dear Miss Baker.

As for Halston. I knew I wanted her to have red hair, but beyond that not much else.

It is not as easy as you might think to find redheads!

But when I saw a photo of Caylee Hammack, I knew she was perfect for Halston’s character.

She is beautiful, and it isn’t any wonder Kutter fell for her.

And this photo inspired a scene of her singing.

To find more of the visual inspiration for the Christmas Letters series, check out my Pinterest boards.

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