The Christmas Quandary


The fifth book in the Hardman Holidays series will release November 10! (Woohoo.)

The story is about Tom Grove (whom we met in The Christmas Calamity as one of the students in Alex Guthry’s class), and Lila Granger, a cousin to the Granger family who has come to Hardman for a visit.

 Holiday surprises await two lonely hearts in Hardman…

Tom Grove just needs to survive a month at home while he recovers from a work injury. How bad can it be to return to Hardman for the holiday season?  He arrives to discover his middle-aged parents acting like newlyweds, the school in need of a teacher, and the girl of his dreams already engaged.

After the loss of her parents and her fiancé abandoning her to spend a year abroad, Lila Granger needs a change of scenery. She leaves her home in New York to spend a few months with relatives in Hardman, Oregon. The idea of stepping off the train into a place that gives her a true sense of coming home never entered her mind. Neither did the notion of falling in love with a man who clearly can’t wait to get away from the small town.

The Christmas Quandary is a sweet Victorian romance, full of laughter and heartwarming moments, perfect for a holiday read.

And you can pre-order it now on Amazon!

If you’d like a little teaser, here’s an excerpt from the story:

As they stepped inside, Tom looked around the sea of young faces. His gaze rested on the beautiful dark-haired woman at the front of the room, gray eyes sparking with mischief and fun as she smiled at them.

Pain blazed across his chest with an unexpected force. He took a staggering step back, attempting to catch his breath.

Oblivious to his current inability to think straight, Arlan and Luke greeted the class.

“Good morning, students,” Luke said, his voice carrying friendly authority. “We’d like you to meet your temporary teacher. Mr. Grove will take over classes starting tomorrow until Miss Alex is well enough to return.” Luke waved his hand toward the front of the room.

Tom tried not to gape at the glorious creature standing near the blackboard smiling at them.

Luke grinned. “Tom Grove, this is my cousin, Miss Lila Granger. If you think my sister and wife can cause trouble, they don’t hold a candle to the tomfoolery this one makes without even trying.”

Tom watched as the young woman marched toward them, the train of an expensive gown the same color as her eyes swishing in the wake of her steps.

“Hello, Mr. Grove. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She stuck her hand out to him.

Awed and thoroughly addled, Tom yanked the glove off his left hand with his teeth and let it fall to the floor as he took her hand in his. Although she meant it to be a handshake, the connection of their palms felt more like a caress as he held her delicate hand in his.

Fearful of what words might spill out of his mouth if he opened it, he was surprised when he spoke in a clear voice. “The pleasure is mine, Miss Granger.”

Whoever named this womanly sprite had chosen her name well. Lila put him in mind of springtime and an array of brilliant flowers. The scent of lilacs wafted around him as she pulled back her hand and smiled at Luke. “How wonderful you’ve coerced someone else into teaching these little hooligans.”

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