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As with all my books, I need visuals while I’m writing (along with music that puts me in the “zone” and some chocolate – for sustenance).

Here are some of the visuals I used while writing The Christmas Token. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

granger house 2Granger House is a three-story yellow home with turrets, gables, a walk-around porch. I loved everything about this house. The only thing that could have made it more like Granger House in the story is if the photo showed the house dusted with snow and some cattle grazing in the background.

When I was looking for someone to represent Blake Stratton, I knew I wanted someone with brown hair and a laid-back look about them.

Dylan Bruce (Blake)Dylan Bruce fit the bill perfectly. Especially dressed in this outfit. It made envisioning Blake super easy.

Blake 2It also was not a terrible hardship to study photos of his very handsome face.

Blake 3Like Blake in the story, he’s got that little mole on his cheek, nicely sculpted lips and has a look about him that could pass for a titled English gentleman, if the situation so demanded. I also thought he  looks like a nice guy – which is exactly what Blake is all about.

Ginny Granger (Brooke White)When I came across this photo of Brooke White, I knew I’d found Ginny Granger. From those big blue eyes and blond hair to her pink lips and fair skin, Brooke is everything I envisioned Ginny to be.

ginny - surprisedShe has such great facial expressions, it was easy to imagine Ginny looking this way.

Ginny 4Or pouting like this, something she tends to do whenever something doesn’t go according to her plans.

From the first book in the series, The Christmas Bargain, we’ve already met Ginny’s brother Luke.

Luke GrangerLuke is a successful banker who knows his sister can be a little trying at times, even if her heart is in the right place. The good-looking Myles Pollard was my choice for Luke.

Filly GrangerHis wife Filly (Amanda Righetti), is beautiful, sweet, and a great cook. She also managed to turn Granger House into a warm and welcoming home.

Dakota Sky as Percy BrunerRedheaded Percy Bruner is the son of the owners of the mercantile. He runs errands, gets into mischief, and knows just about everything going on in town. Dakota Sky looks exactly how I picture the lively Percy.

Ginny’s parents, Dora and Greg, first made their appearance in The Christmas Bargain.

Greg GrangerGreg Granger (Tim Robbins) is fun and jovial, full of life and excitement. He’s thoughtful and kind and takes everything in stride. He loves his wife, Dora, to distraction and often gives in to her whims and wishes.

Dora GrangerDora Granger (Michelle Pfeiffer) is still quite beautiful, despite having two grown children and a sometimes pessimistic outlook at life. She means well, most of the time.

Andrew Garfield (Nigel Pickford) Nigel Pickford (Andrew Garfield) is determined to marry Ginny whether she likes it or not.

Mrs. Kellogg (Finnula Flanagan)And we can’t forget dear Mrs. Kellogg, who helps Filly keep up the large Granger House. I thought Fionnula Flanagan made a grand Mrs. Kellogg.

By trade, Blake is a carpenter and wood craftsman.

rocking chairHe makes beautiful things like this rocking chair.

chit-chatLuke makes Ginny find a job so she won’t have as much free time on her hands to get into trouble. She starts writing for the newspaper part-time. The editor finds some of her articles a little too informative.

RomeoIn addition to his carpentry work, Blake raises horses.

This is Romeo, Blake’s stallion. He has a little side business of selling Romeo’s um… er… services. Sometimes Blake rides Romeo into town, usually if he’s forcing Ginny to ride with him.

sorrel geldingThis is Samson, Blake’s trusty saddle horse who carries him on errands into town.

sleighAnd what’s a Victorian Christmas story without a sleigh and some snowflakes falling?

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