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The Christmas Vow Cover

I thought you might like another teaser today from The Christmas Vow.

Before I started writing this story, I posted a photo of David Nail (as Adam Guthry) in my Hopeless Romantics group and asked for descriptions. I was blown away by all the great descriptions.

One of them inspired the last sentence in this teaser, which just happens to be one of my favorite lines in the book. (Mostly because I’m a die hard sappy girl.)

I hope you enjoy it, too!


That edge of wildness and rebellion was one of the things she’d admired most about him.

He never worried about conforming to what others thought was proper. He tended to march to his own tune, whether anyone else liked it or not.

Yet, with his good looks and a dimpled smile guaranteed to melt female hearts, rarely did anyone take offense to his actions.

In truth, Adam Guthry was one of the most attractive men Tia had ever encountered. Rough and rugged, tall and commanding, Adam owned a tender spirit and a healthy dose of humility.

Bright blue eyes that sparkled with mischief or softened as they glimpsed into the depths of her soul coupled with that lopsided, playful smile made her wonder, again, why she’d ever left Hardman.

Tia breathed deeply and her traitorous nose conjured up Adam’s scent. No matter how hard she tried to remove it from her mind, every whiff of him smelled like a precious memory of her past she didn’t want to forget.


If you have any questions about the book, characters, or the story, ask away! I’ll answer ’em if I can!

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