The Christmas Vow Cover Reveal

Since I won’t be able to keep this quiet much longer (and I really, really wanted to share it all with you), I’d like to introduce you to the fourth book in the Hardman Holidays series!


The Christmas Vow Cover

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with the way this cover turned out. What do you think?

As of yet, I don’t have a book blurb or a buy link to share… but soon!

For today, though, I can give you a little teaser (rough as it may be).

And I can tell you this about the story: Adam Guthry (Arlan’s brother, for those of you who read The Christmas Calamity – Book 3) returns to town a few weeks before Christmas for the funeral of his best friend and runs into Tia Devereux, the girl who broke his heart the summer they were both eighteen.


Adam Guthry glared across the mourners at his only sibling and vowed his brother would be the next person the community of Hardman gathered to bury.

Unaware of his wrathful stare, Arlan appeared to center his attention on the sermon Pastor Chauncy Dodd delivered over the loss of Carl Simpson.

Carl had been one of Adam’s best friends growing up. His other close childhood friend stood near his brother, dabbing at her eyes with a delicate handkerchief while holding tightly to the hand of a little boy.

The sight of Tia and her son sent relentless pain stabbing through Adam’s chest. It was no wonder he avoided coming back to his hometown in Eastern Oregon. For him, Hardman held nothing but sad memories and regret.


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