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Christmas Vow 4

It’s probably no secret I get a little bonkers over vintage fashions. That’s one of the reasons I don’t mind doing research for my historical romances.

The Christmas Vow was no exception.

Here are some of the images that “spoke” to me as I crafted the story.

vow 9Tia is an extremely fashionable woman. Her husband came from a wealthy family and left her well-off upon his death.

vow 6I could envision Tia wearing these – and may have drooled on my keyboard for a few minutes after seeing them.

vow 5Other than the fur collar, I am so in love with this coat. Isn’t it gorgeous?

vow 8

And you must have winter boots to go with the coat, right?

vow 7Adam is a sailor, so his wardrobe is fairly simple. He does look quite dashing in his navy blue pea coat, though.

vow 2

When wedding scenes are included in the story, I have such fun looking at dresses and rings and flowers and… you get the idea. Anyway, this gown gave me the idea for Tia’s dress in the story. I think you’ll like the description.

vow 4Of course, Adam had to look handsome on his wedding day. Thanks to his brother’s help, even his tie is knotted perfectly.

vow 3And I chose this opal ring for Tia’s wedding ring.

Here’s a little excerpt about the ring. It starts out with Tia recalling a conversation she had with Adam when they were in school (italicized text):


As they waited for Aleta Bruner to help the customers already in line, they studied all the jewels sparkling in the case.

“That one’s the prettiest,” Tia said, pointing to an opal brooch.

Adam bent down and studied it. “Why do you like that one best?”

Tia shrugged. “I read somewhere opals symbolize hope. Wouldn’t it be something to wear a little piece of hope every day?”

“It sure would, Queenie.” Adam kissed her cheek and handed her a licorice whip before paying Aleta for the candy and walking her home.


Tia held out the ring on her finger and studied it.

Milky white, the opal almost looked like the polished surface of a tooth until she moved it into the light from the lamp on her bedside table. A rainbow of colors glistened in the shadows of her room.

Iridescent flecks reflected and refracted the light like a magical stone. Tears began anew as she thought about telling Adam an opal held hope all those years ago.

Now that she owned such a dazzling gem, she was utterly bereft of hope.


Find more of the visuals that inspired me while I wrote this story on The Christmas Vow Pinterest Board.

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