The Coffee Girl Characters

The Coffee Girl should be ready for your viewing pleasure next week. I’m making the final, final edits right now.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my visual inspiration for the characters:

Brock McCrae has worked hard to be able to manage his own construction company. Handsome, successful and full of life, he finds his world turned upside down as he falls for a woman he knows only as the coffee girl. Known as the Construction Guy to the Coffee Girl, Brock has broad shoulders, hazel eyes, spiky hair and a charming smile.

Oliver Hudson makes the perfect Construction Guy.

The Coffee Girl, aka Brenna Smith, is almost thirty with a life she feels is completely off-track. She certainly never pictured herself living at home with her parents, working in a job she dislikes for a loathsome boss. The only bright spot in her mundane existence is the cute guy she sees every morning as she stops to get coffee.

Brenna has springy golden curls, big blue eyes, and a sweet girl-next-door face despite the fact that she can sometimes have a really bad temper.

Rachel Carpani is exactly how I picture The Coffee Girl.

Check back next week for details on how, when and where to get your copy!


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