The Coffee Girl Cover

I wanted to share a little bit about the cover of The Coffee Girl today.

It is one of my favorite book covers I’ve done – because it is just simple and to the point.

Also because one of my very dear friends was willing to pose for the cover when I emailed her one day with a desperate message that went something along the lines of  “Would you have time today to run over so I can take your photo for a book cover?”

We had, at that point, not discussed her being on the cover or that I was even working on the cover.

So because she is fun and game for adventure she emailed me back and said she’d be right over. And she was. And we spent less than 10 minutes shooting photos and this one was my favorite.

The reason I would have begged and pleaded with her to pose for the cover is because of her beautiful hair. It looks just like the hair of Brenna in the story. Except Brenna’s hair is blond and Colleen’s is a lovely shade of red.

Thank you, my wonderful friend, for being willing to not only pose for the cover, but for putting up with my random craziness!

Here is one of the shots that shows Colleen’s lovely hair.


Finding just the right pose, I altered the hair color in Photoshop.


Finding the right font didn’t take too long. This one is Gigi and makes me think of something French, which makes me think of coffee, which goes along really well with the story!


Then it all came together like this!




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