The Coffee Girl

Forgive my shameless self-promotion today, but…



The Coffee Girl…. is now available for your reading pleasure!

Yahoo! Yipee! Yeehaw!

Here is the book description: Almost thirty, Brenna Smith isn’t sure how much more off-track her life could be. She certainly never pictured herself living at home with her parents, working in a job she dislikes for a loathsome boss. The only bright spot in her mundane existence is the cute guy she sees every morning as she stops to get coffee.

Brock McCrae has worked hard to be able to manage his own construction company. Handsome, successful and full of life, he finds his world turned upside down as he falls for a woman he knows only as the coffee girl.

Is there something more than a shared love of coffee brewing between these two?

Here is the where you can find the book online:


Barnes & Noble


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I hope you enjoy Brock and Brenna’ story!

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