The Courage to Receive

Jen Fong

Jennifer and John Fong recently wrote and published a wonderful book called The Courage to Receive.

The couple started a direct sales company with the intent of doing philanthropic work with the profits. When the company crashed, it wiped out their life savings and took a toll on them personally. This book covers the steps they took in overcoming defeat and living life more abundantly.

As Jennifer mentions in the book, she taught an online social media class and that is when I first became aware of her engaging personality and unique skill set.

At a time when Facebook was still new, she was showing others how to use it. Because of her patient teaching and guidance, I learned about blogging, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well.

Reading their story is an encouraging, uplifting journey. If you’re struggling with defeat or broken dreams, or just need a little nudge in a more positive direction, I highly recommend reading The Courage to Receive.

Jennifer and John Fong are parents of three beautiful children adopted from Korea, and a sweet rescue dog named Sugar. They live in New Jersey and enjoy jazz, great food, and the outdoors. They run a digital marketing agency together. John is also an accomplished visual artist, and enjoys working in mixed media. Some of his work can be seen on his Facebook page at Jen is a blogger and chef. She writes a business blog at and writes a gluten and refined sugar-free food blog at

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