The Cowboy’s Autumn Fall Characters


I’m madly working on the final edits for The Cowboy’s Autumn Fall this week. If all goes well, the book should be ready for your reading pleasure by Monday, Oct. 29!

In the meantime, I thought I’d give a little sneak peek at our two main characters, Brice and Bailey.

Brice Morgan – best friend of Travis Thompson and brother to Tess Morgan, Travis’ honeybee. Brice is tall and fit with dark brown hair and eyes the color of root beer. He loves attention, is the life of the party and is relentless at teasing those who likes. Hired as a construction worker, Brice also has a talent for working wood, along with wooing pretty girls.

Robbie Amell is my spot-on selection for Brice. From his tousled dark hair to that smile, he looks just like how I envision Brice.

Robbie even has a mole at the bottom of his lip, just like Brice.

This is exactly how I picture Brice looking when he laughs, which is a lot. What a cutie!

Bailey Bishop – intense and dedicated to her career as a paleontologist, she has no interest in relationships and no real experience with men. She arrives in Grass Valley to attend the wedding of her cousin, Trent Thompson. At the wedding, she meets Brice. Bailey has honey-gold hair, ocean-blue eyes and a keen intelligence that can really throw people off guard.

Emilie de Ravin just fit the picture I had of Bailey in my head so perfectly.

How I picture the prim and proper Bailey looking as she meets Brice. A little stuffy, but very beautiful.

How I picture Bailey after Brice sweeps her off her feet.

Stay tuned for more details. I promise the book will be ready for your reading pleasure before the end of the month!

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