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The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan

Grass Valley Cowboys Book 1

Cadence Greer’s plans for a happy-ever-after are quickly derailed when her fiancé runs off with his secretary a week before their wedding. Homeless, jobless and jilted, she escapes to Grass Valley, Oregon, where she finds herself employed as a housekeeper and cook to seven cowboys on a sprawling ranch.

Trey Thompson is a well-respected pillar of the community, running a successful ranch with his brother. All he wanted was someone to cook his meals and keep the house clean. When he hires Cadence Greer for the job, he gets more than he ever planned on, including a sassy little red-headed orphan.

Come spend Christmas in Grass Valley at the Triple T Ranch, where mistletoe hangs abundantly and holiday magic is in the air.



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Meet Trey Thompson and Cadence Greer

Praise for The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan:

“I LOVED this book. So many twists and turns, I didn’t want to put it down.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Fun and clean Christmas story! I loved it so much that i have almost finished the whole series! “

Amazon Reviewer

“Good romance. Like the themes of strong family ties and strong morals.”

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Walking across the now-white yard, their footprints leaving tracks in the snow, Cadence wasn’t sure what was spinning around in Trey’s handsome head. She wondered what had made him grow so quiet. Maybe he hadn’t enjoyed the ride or the kiss. That thought nearly made her stumble on the back steps.

Stepping inside mudroom, Trey took off his boots, hung up his coat and hat then turned to watch Cady struggle to use the boot jack.

Standing behind her, he put a hand on her thigh and moved her foot into the proper position. Cadence was sure he could feel her leg begin to tremble at his touch.

“Just like that, darlin’,” he said his breath warm and soft by her ear.

Goose bumps popped out on her neck and sprang up on her arms, but Cadence removed the other boot then slowly stepped aside and took off her coat.

Trey tugged the band from her head that covered her ears and dug both hands into her snow-dampened hair. Pulling her to his chest, he groaned as he buried his face in her hair and inhaled the fresh scent that was solely Cady.

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