The Cowboy’s Last Goodbye – Chapter 1

One week from today…

Cowboy Leaning in Doorway of BarnThe Cowboy’s Last Goodbye releases!

Is anyone else excited? Let me see those hands waving in the air!

I thought you might enjoy a little teaser that begins at the beginning of Ben Morgan’s story.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1:


In every goodbye, we discover a new hello.

 The end of days had arrived.

Without warning, without a hint of impending doom, the day of reckoning swooped in, wreaking a path of havoc.

Ben Morgan teetered on the edge of his own personal apocalypse while those around him appeared impervious to the imminent danger.

The harbingers of destruction looked nothing like he’d imagined. No evil, ancient, otherworldly apparitions lingered, waiting to drag him to Purgatory.

It was far worse.

Cherub-cheeked toddlers with aquamarine eyes and impish grins rimmed in chocolate ice cream wiped their sticky fingers on his jeans, using their cuteness to batter against his defenses.

One moment, he’d been discussing plans for the wheat harvest with his brother, Brice. The next, he held a loaded diaper in his hand that smelled worse than the corpse of a dead skunk left to bake in the summer sun.

“Not cool, bro. Not cool at all.” Ben fought down the urge to gag and turned his head away from the stench as Brice laughed at him.

“Come on, Ben. It’s just Maizy’s diaper. Don’t be such a wuss.” Brice picked up his six-month-old daughter and blew on her tummy. She chortled and waved her chubby fingers in the air.

“I’m not a wuss, but this should be registered as toxic waste and handled by certified personnel in hazmat suits.” Ben grimaced as another whiff assaulted his nose. He tried to take a step toward the door, but the twins hanging onto his legs hampered his efforts.

“Give us a ride, Unca Ben!” Shane Thompson begged. “Pwease?”

“Pwease, Unca Ben?” Shiloh Thompson joined in his brother’s pleading.

“How can you say no to that?” Brice asked with a smirk. He tugged down Maizy’s frilly cotton dress and kissed her rosy cheek.

Ben rolled his eyes and shuffled toward the bedroom door with anchors on both feet. “I don’t suppose I can. Did their parents send them in here to torture me on purpose? Or is that a side benefit of the super powers you all automatically acquired when you began shooting out offspring?”

Affronted, Brice shook his head. “We aren’t exactly ‘shooting out offspring,’ as you so rudely put it. What’s the matter with you, today?”

“What’s the matter with me?” A scowl deepened vertical lines on Ben’s forehead as he glowered at his blissfully wed brother. “I haven’t had a moment of peace since you all walked in the door this morning. Cass made me give her so many piggyback rides, I think she might have ruptured something like my spleen. Emily cried until I played tea party with her. And these two…” Ben pointed to the boys clinging to his calves, “are about to give me charley horses the size of Clydesdales.”


Who is ready for February 4?


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