The Cowboy’s Last Goodbye Characters

Cowboy Leaning in Doorway of Barn

The Cowboy’s Last Goodbye releases tomorrow!


Are you ready? I’m so, so excited to share this book with you all.

Today, I thought you might like to meet a few of the characters in the book.

We know from the past Grass Valley stories that Ben looks like Brice.

robbie amell

Robbie Amell was my visual inspiration for Brice’s character. So when I started looking for Ben, I knew he had to share some similarities.

brett 4

That’s when I happened upon the hunky Brett Dalton.

Brett 2

Ben is a little older than Brice.

Brett 3

Sometimes a little wiser – although not always.

Brett-Dalton- as Ben MorganBut he definitely has the Morgan good looks and charm.


Ben can’t help but give Harper Hayes a second (and third) glance when he meets her. Harper is a sweet girl, full of light and laughter. Kellie Pickler makes the perfect Harper.

Harper HayesAnd despite Ben’s plans to stay away from Harper, he can’t quite help himself.


And Harper doesn’t try to hard to avoid him.

Uncle Cletus

Harper lives with her Uncle Cletus. He’s crotchety and something of a loner, but he loves her dearly. I thought Donald Sutherland made the perfect crazy uncle.

belgian malinois

Harper also has a retired military dog named General. He makes sure Ben tows the line around her.

Here’s a little snippet of General with Ben and Harper:


Ben did his best to ignore General as the dog walked around the desk and came over to sniff his leg. When the animal sat down by his foot and looked at him with his tongue lolling out of his mouth and tail wagging, Ben knew he was ready to be friends.

Slowly hunkering down, he let the dog sniff his hand before rubbing it over the animal’s head and along his back.

“If I’d known General was here, I would have brought him a treat.” Ben glanced up at Harper as he scratched the dog behind his ears.

“If you bring something with bacon, you’ll have a new best friend for life.” Harper shook her head as she completed the paperwork. “General doesn’t usually let anyone but me and Uncle Cletus pet him. You must be a good guy for him to take to you like that.”

“Did I give you the impression I was a bad boy?” Suggestively, Ben waggled his eyebrows at her.

Harper blushed.


I can’t wait for tomorrow so you all can read Ben and Harper’s story!

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