The Cowboy’s Last Goodbye Teaser

Cowboy Leaning in Doorway of Barn

As a master of goodbyes,

                he never expected to fall in love…

With his siblings and friends all entangled in the state of matrimony, Ben Morgan is more determined than ever to remain blissfully single. Despite his vehement refusal to commit to a relationship, he can’t help but envision a future with the sweet, charming woman who unknowingly captures his heart.

Harper Hayes is an expert at bad relationships. After vowing never to wed, the idea enters her mind with alarming frequency after she meets Ben Morgan. Although the handsome cowboy makes it clear he’s only interested in having fun, Harper’s dog and crazy uncle have other ideas.

The Cowboy’s Last Goodbye available for pre-orders on Amazon

I’m working on final edits this week of Ben Morgan’s story, so I thought you might appreciate a little teaser. In this scene, Ben is babysitting Emily Thompson, Trent and Lindsay’s little girl, who arrived at the end of The Cowboy’s New Heart.



After parking his pickup, he slung the backpack over his shoulder and decided to carry Emily in her car seat up to his apartment. She didn’t even blink as he worked it free from the knot of seatbelts and bungee cords he’d used to secure it since he couldn’t figure out how to properly fasten it into his truck.

Some of his single female neighbors eyed him as he crossed the courtyard and waited for the elevator up to his apartment.

He could almost hear their biological clocks screaming that a baby-making machine was in their midst.

Lest anyone get any wild ideas, he opened the door to the stairs and took them two at a time up to his apartment.

Winded by the time he reached his door, he opened it and carried Emily inside.

Afraid to wake her, he knew she’d be more comfortable outside of the car seat, so he gently lifted her limp body and carried her into his bedroom. He adjusted the vents of his window air conditioning unit so they wouldn’t blow directly on her, then partially closed the door.

He took a cold Dr. Pepper from the fridge and sank onto his couch.

No one warned him how utterly exhausting it would be to keep track of one pink dress-wearing impish-grinning little, bitty girl.

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