The Cowboy’s Spring Romance Cover

In case you missed my previous posts about The Cowboy’s Spring Romance, it is finished, published and ready for your reading pleasure.

To those of you who have given me your feedback on how much you are enjoying it – thank you so much! I love hearing from you!

I thought I’d share today about how I came up with the cover design.

Knowing I wanted all the books in the Grass Valley Cowboys series to look similar, I decided when I did the cover shot for The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan what the basic background of the cover would look like. It made it simple from there to just change a thing or two and come up with a completely different cover.

The background is actually an old, weathered building on my nephew’s farm. When I was a little girl, my Dad used it as a shop. When he built a new one, this particular area of the building held out parts and equipment as well as housing a next of blood-thirsty swallows intent on pecking my eyeballs out. (At least that is what it seemed like when I was seven and they would dive-bomb me every time I walked past the building.)

We start with the basic photo.  Trent and Lindsay’s story was taking place in the spring, so the cover needed to say “spring” in design and color. Daffodils were the perfect way to make that happen. And yes they are fake. It was early December when I took this photo and just about one degree above freezing to death. I added the green color in the background so it would look spring-y.


These fancy little green flourishes added just the right touch to the bottom corners of the cover.


The book title uses the same font as The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan – Birmingham Titling Elongated.


And, of course, I had to include the Triple T Brand.

A solid tan bar across the top was the ideal place  to put  Grass Valley Cowboys – Book 2. I then used that same color for my name on the book in Times New Roman font.

Pulling it all together, it looks like this:


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