The Cowboy’s Spring Romance Update

Just an update on the second book in the Grass Valley Cowboy’s series, The Cowboy’s Spring Romance,  –  after two weeks, I am at 68,000 words. I hope to finish the first draft of the book this week.

The writing has flown along very quickly. I attribute that to the fact that I love this characters and they whisper their story in my ear as I’m writing it. I can hardly wait to have this finished and be able to share it with you all.

Ideas for the third book in the series, The Cowboy’s Summer Love, are starting to flit around in my head, which is a very good thing!

One of my biggest challenges has been finding quotes I like to accompany each chapter. In the first book of the series, The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan, I began each chapter with a quote that featured the word plan. It was a fun addition to the book and several people let me know how much they enjoyed it. I decided to continue the quotes throughout the series, but had no idea finding quotes with the word romance would be so difficult.

Oh, there are a lot of quotes out there, don’t get me wrong, but most of them are more along the lines of the pain, lies and torture that can be associated with romance. Not exactly what I was looking for.  After much searching, weeding out and maneuvering I think I have found quotes that work really well with the story line.

Finding quotes for the next book in the series should be a piece of cake. After all, have you ever googled “Love quotes?” Give it a try and see how many results come up.

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