The Cowboy’s Summer Love Cover

I wanted to give you a quick run down today on The Cowboy’s Summer Love book cover.

It started with the same background as the other two books in the series.

This is an old decaying building on the family farm. My dad used it for a shop when I was a little girl and this particular section was a housing unit for maniacal killer birds who liked to dive bomb terrified little girls.

I knew a cowboy element was needed in the photo. I choose these boots for three reasons:

1. I liked that they are working boots – boots a rancher would wear when he is actually ranching.

2. I liked the stitching on the shafts. I thought it would be a nice visual element on the cover.

3. This pair was what Captain Cavedweller had worn the weekend we were visiting the farm.

I tossed in the rose bouquet as a nod toward summer and love. It gives a hint of wedding hopes, doesn’t it?

The December day I took this photo was freezing cold, although the sun was shining quite brightly. It was about 20 degrees, but with the sunshine filtering between the boards of the shop, I thought it had a summery look to it. Once my teeth stopped chattering, I could fully appreciate the effect.

Of course, the same font was used that I featured on the other two covers: Birmingham Titling Elongated.


And, of course, I had to include the Triple T Brand.

The bar across the top lets readers know this is book three in the Grass Valley series. Some of you might be excited to know this will not be the last book in the series, although we are out of Thompson brothers!

Finished, here is what the cover looks like!


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