The Cowboy’s Summer Love

I hope you will forgive my shameless self-promotion today, but my latest romance novel, The Cowboy’s Summer Love is now available for both e-readers and in print.

Although I know I shouldn’t play favorites, I like this book best of the three in the Grass Valley Cowboys series. The characters, Travis and Tess, just spoke to my heart so clearly. I loved them both immensely before I ever got to chapter two!

Here is the book’s description:

After six years in the service and two tours of duty in Iraq, Travis Thompson eagerly returns home to Grass Valley, ready to resume his life on the Triple T Ranch with his two older brothers.

Always the wild-child, Travis doesn’t disappoint as he rolls from one adventure to another in his quest to keep his adrenaline pumping. He needs a release for the tension constantly building inside him, especially after he discovers the girl he’s loved his entire life just moved back to Grass Valley.

In love with Travis Thompson since she was old enough to notice boys, Tess Morgan can’t stay away from him no matter how hard she tries. Growing up together, she thinks Travis sees her only as his best friend’s sister, not as a woman who could love him deeply and passionately.

Will the two of them finally surrender to love? Anything is possible as summer spins its spell at the Triple T!

You can check out the book trailer on You Tube.

Or follow some fun craziness on Pinterest where I post photos, outfits, and more that relate to the book characters.

I hope you enjoy meeting Travis and Tess as much as I did.

She Who Loves a Little Romance

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