The Falls

falls bendA few weeks ago, Captain Cavedweller and I decided to go for a drive.

We ended up at a park where there’s a really awesome waterfall and the day we were there, spring run-off made the water a muddy brown.

falls trailsThere were lots of walking trails going all around the falls for those who were adventurous.

falls wallsAs well as rock formations I found fascinating.

falls castleLike this one that looked like a castle as it perched next to the falls.

FallsAnd the falls. Beautiful – even with the muddy water.

falls riverIt seemed to go from turbulent to calm in just a few yards.

falls sagebrushThere was an abundance of sagebrush (minus ticks, since it was too chilly for them to be out yet.)

rock chuck 2And one lonesome rock chuck that did his best to stay hidden from view.

TracksAs we wandered around, taking it all in, I came up with a handful of story ideas. This set of tracks made me think of Snidely Whiplash.

palouse falls 3 03-14Overall, it was a fun trip and one I’m glad we made the time to take!

I often get so wrapped up in my work, I forget that sometimes I need to get out, get a new perspective, see something different to fill my head with fun, creative thoughts.

Take an adventure, even if it is just in your back yard the next time you have the opportunity. You won’t regret it!

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