The Farmer Moves to Town

The other day I wrote a post about growing up on a farm.

In fact, my parents bought the original part of the farm fifty-one years ago. They added more land when surrounding property came up for sale and when I was just four-years-old, they built the house they lived in up until the middle of December.

They finally decided it was time to move into town.

Searching for just the right house, they found a nice one in a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. I think part of the reason Dad liked the house so much, was because the particular shade of yellow it’s painted¬† goes so well with all his John Deere stuff.

The farmer may have left the farm, but he certainly hasn’t left behind the country way of life.

john deere plates

There are John Deere plates on display in the kitchen.


jd sign

This sign front and center between the two bays of the garage facing the driveway.


And in case any one missed the fact that Dad is into John Deere stuff, the big windmill in the corner of their yard pretty much gives it away.

She Who Smiles Every Time She Looks at The Windmill Photo

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