The Fragrance of Her Name

I first fell in love with Marcia Lynn McClure’s wonderful writing style when our book club read A Crimson Frost.

It didn’t take much for me to jump from interested reader into huge fan.

The other day I downloaded The Fragrance of Her Name to my Kindle and I was so glad I did.

Great story and, as always with the author’s characters, you feel like you know these people and are right there beside them sharing in their adventures, sorrows and joys.

I particularly liked the characters in this story – the veteran trying to recover from his war injury, the girl trying her best to do what is right by her family. Did I mention the ghosts?

There are ghosts, fun supporting characters and everything you need for a great afternoon spent lost in a wonderful story.

Whether you like contemporary or historical romance, Marcia has get you covered. Check out her books for some delightful reading!

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