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Collection Susan HorsnellToday, Susan Horsnell shares a little about her Glenmore’s Collection.

Welcome, Susan!


The Complete Glenmore’s Collection has the first four novels I penned. The series revolves around the Glenmore Family and their large, successful cattle ranch. There are three boys and one girl in the family. Each book focuses on one of the siblings as they fall in love. There are outlaws, Indians, Rangers, adventure and danger. I decided to box the collection after receiving a few requests.

Book 1: Revenge is the first book in the Glenmore series and is all about the eldest son George. When returning from a trip to town, the brother’s, sister and their father come across a badly beaten girl who has been left for dead. They take her home and Josephine, the mother nurses her back to health. During this time George falls in love with the girl and vows to get revenge for her beating.

Book 2: Deputy is about the second brother, James. He decides to leave the ranching business and become a Deputy in Gold Springs, something he has wanted to do for a very long time. He meets the feisty Rebecca when she storms into the bar where he is having a quiet drink and almost kills her father. He hauls her off to jail. She does not take kindly to his interference and threatens to make him pay. She pushes too far and James inadvertently injures the young girl. To make amends, he tends to her every need as she recovers and finds himself falling in love. Rebecca has never known kindness and under James’ watchful eyes and love, she blossoms.

Book 3: Laura is about the youngest Glenmore and the only girl. She takes part in a cattle drive with her father and brothers and when they arrive at their destination, she goes off on her own. She is thrown from her horse when it is spooked and left badly injured. A local Indian finds her and takes the unconscious Laura to their camp in the mountains. For days they attempt to nurse her back to health but her fever rages out of control. They have no idea who she is and cannot find out in town for fear of being discovered and sent to a reservation. Laura’s love, Nick – a Ranger, is desperate to find her and searches relentlessly with her family. It is when he is alone and screaming her name, an Indian comes to him. He is reunited with an unconscious and desperately ill Laura but the Indians never give up and eventually they bring Nick’s love back to him. This is a story about how the Indians capture Laura and Nick’s hearts and their determination to protect their way of life.

 Book 4: Caught is about the youngest Glenmore son, Ben. He is cute, handsome beyond belief and determined to never get caught and tied down by any female. Enter – Justine, a young girl who has been left her Uncle’s ranch on his death. She is escaping Boston, the ridicule, the glares and the shame. Justine was caught in a fire, her parents perished and she was left badly burnt down the side of her face. The first time she meets Ben is when his prized bull downs her fence and gets in with her cows. Sparks fly, Justine has a temper. As their paths cross, time and time again Justine finds herself falling in love with the handsome cowboy but thinks there is no hope of a handsome man like Ben Glenmore, the most eligible bachelor in the County, having feelings for her.

I hope reader’s will enjoy the action,  mystery, and  tender romance. Each book is very different and can be read as stand alone.

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