The Happiness Project

happiness by choice

At the beginning of each year, I pick one word as my “theme.”

Words from the past have included “Dream,” “Believe,” and “Faith.”

For 2014, I decided to choose the word “Happy.”

My thought is that if I’m focusing on the happy, there are a whole lot of other positive things I’m working on to do that.

So, the plan is to post something each Monday in regard to my own happiness project. If you need a dose of encouragement or happy, be sure to check in then.

Also, if you want to follow me on facebook, I plan on sharing random happy thoughts and quotes there on my author page: Author Shanna Hatfield

And I’m issuing a challenge to any who’d like to work on their own Happiness Project this year to come along for the ride. Feel free to post your happiness thoughts or progress in the comments section each Monday, or send me an email anytime!

Here’s to a Happy, Happy New Year!

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