The Makeover (Home Style)

A while back I posted a question on my facebook page asking for suggestions on a color to paint my front door.

As I thought about freshening up the old paint on the door and what color I liked best, I stood outside gazing at the portal and decided we had to get new windows.


Fast forward a few months ahead and we have beautiful, amazing new windows that replaced the old single-pane windows from sixty-plus years ago.

I love, love, love the sparkling new windows!

I waited until the installers moved from the front of the house to the back to whip out the paint for the front door and go to work.

For those who suggested colors and eagerly awaited to see what hue I chose…

doorsThe color is called Vintage Velvet by Behr. I think the name sold me as much as the color.

Quite a transformation, isn’t it? I love the color and the new hardware Captain Cavedweller installed for me.

The door was just the beginning of the horrendous week of painting that followed the installation of the windows.

The living room needed some touch up paint, but I’d used it all the last time I covered up a few scuffs and stupidly didn’t save the can lid or color. Off to town I went to get a new color.

Colors living room wallI know it’s hard to see, but I had a taupe color before. I’ve hated it since the paint fully dried after I originally painted it a decade ago. It was supposed to be a light tan color and ended up looking rose or lavender, depending on how the sun hit the walls.

Silver Shadow is the name of the new soft gray color I painted.

IMG_2277And it looks so pretty with the white-framed windows!

bedroom-bf-afWhile I was on a roll, I decided to go ahead and paint the master bedroom and bath.

I think it was four years ago, I wanted to take our blah beige room and do something exciting with the color. So I switched it up to the marble-y brown.  It was fine in the autumn and winter, but in the spring and summer, the color seemed so dark.

Since I’m a huge fan of green, I used the same soothing spa green shade I have in my office. And I can’t tell you what the name of the color is because I took the paint can lid, smeared with dried-on paint to the paint store and asked them to match it. I especially like the way the green makes the white around the windows and doors pop.

Before it was all said and done, I’d also painted the guest bathroom, the entire hallway (ceiling included), and did touch-up painting in the office, guest bedroom, family room and kitchen.


Now I just need to tackle the trim outside. When it’s done, I may never pick up another paintbrush again. (Until the next time I decided I want new paint somewhere in the house…)

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