The Mixer

For years, I’ve dreamed of having a big stand mixer.

You know the kind that can mix bread dough, whip cream into snowy peaks, and make my life easier.

There were two problems with me acquiring said mixer:

1. I wanted a pick one and couldn’t find one anywhere.

2. Counter space is prime real estate in my kitchen and I wasn’t sure I had enough room for a mixer.

Problem is solved…

mixerCaptain Cavedweller got me one for Christmas and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have it.

Since he couldn’t find a pink one, he went with the Metallic Chrome, and I actually like it a lot. I have since decided the chrome model really goes with everything while the pink one would not.

As far that counter space, I think it took me all of five minutes to shuffle things around and find plenty of room for my mixer.

So, what I’d love to know is what those of you who have stand mixers like best about them? What is your favorite thing to make with them? What attachments to you recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

She Who Is Ready To Get Mixin’

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