The Preacher’s Bride

I first discovered Jody Hedlund when a friend suggested I follow her on Pinterest.

She pins the most wonderful, witty things from chocolate recipes to quotes about why books are such a vital part of our lives.

I just finished reading her novel The Preacher’s Bride.

The story begins in 1650s England with a young Puritan girl. On a mission to save the baby of her newly widowed preacher, she ignores his protests and offers her assistance. She soon becomes his housekeeper and a mother to his four children. More than that, she becomes John Costin’s friend.

Her dedication to the Costin family comes with a price as she forfeits her only prospect for marriage. As the preacher’s enemies seek ways to silence him, Elizabeth bears the brunt of their attacks.

Although she is termed plain, Elizabeth is a woman of strength, of character and faith. She is also a woman of great passion and deep love for John.

This well-crafted story will keep you turning pages to see if John will finally realize how much Elizabeth loves him. How much he loves and needs her.

From start to end, it kept my attention.

Jody is a skilled master of writing and I’ll be looking to add more of her books to my ever-growing bookshelf.

Check out her writing for a wonderful experience in well-crafted storytelling.

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