The Pups

a pup 1

When I went to my niece’s bridal shower two weeks ago, I spent some time at her house.

Amanda and Marc recently got two puppies.

Since I L-O-V-E babies of any type (be they four-legged and furry or two-legged with the scent of heaven clinging to their little downy heads), I could hardly pay attention to anything once I saw this blue-eyed beaut.

Then he turned his gaze up to me and cocked those ears…

a pup 2 I think part of my heart is still melted into a puddle in Amanda’s yard.

Oh my gracious, but Willie is such a sweet thing. (And he loved having his photo taken.)

a pup set 1His brother, Ringo, was not nearly as cooperative in holding still for the camera.

a pup and elviraHe was more interested in playing with the kittens.

Yes – three little kittens, two puppies, and one auntie with a syrupy, sappy heart.

The black kitten, Elvira, spent a good part of the time I was there hanging out with the pups.

a pup set 2I did manage to snap this shot of the two of them and it makes my heart all soft just to look at the photo.

a pupSeriously, this much cuteness has to be illegal, doesn’t it?

Amanda is lucky Captain Cavedweller didn’t go along on this trip or she may have been shy a pup when we headed home!

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