The Red Shoes

Those who know me, know I have a thing for shoes.

My history with shoes has been a love/hate affair since I was really little.

Due to some foot problem that I can’t even recall the reason for now, my mother always took me to buy the ugliest brown shoes at the one nice shoe store in town. And I mean ugly. They were clonky and brown and plain. I hated them. If I didn’t think dire consequences would befall me if I hacked them into pieces, I would have destroyed every single pair of them. One Christmas program at school in particular sticks out in my mind. I had a beautiful new blue dress with lace trim and there I was on stage with those horrid brown shoes.

Sometime around the sixth grade either my problem went away or I refused to wear the brown shoes anymore, but my footwear selections began to look up. For my eighth grade graduation I remember getting a pair of three-inch high white wedge sandals. I thought I had hit the big-time.

For the next decade I fell in love with shoes. I had heels and boots, flats and sandals in fun colors and styles.

Then somewhere in my mid-twenties, arthritis set in an old foot injury with a vengeance and I gave up all my beautiful shoes. I took to wearing ugly support shoes in shades of black and brown. It was like a return to my childhood footwear nightmare. This went on for many years. I hated my shoes and I think they hated me right back.

One day I was browsing in a store and found a pair of shoes that practically screamed out to me to buy them. They were cute and sassy and fun, unlike anything I owned at that time. Surprisingly, they were comfortable and I had no problem wearing them.

Cute shoes reentered my world and I’ve been on a bit of a campaign to restock my closet with as many pairs as possible.

The latest addition was this pair of Red Rialtos.

red shoesThey practically jumped off the shelf and chased me around the store. Super comfortable and so cute and sassy, I absolutely love them (My shoes stay on my feet for about 12-hours a day so when I say they are comfortable, I mean they were comfortable all day!). The best part is, I just saw them on sale for only $14.99.

She Who Loves Cute Shoes

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