The Road Less Taken

Captain Cavedweller and I drove all over the northwest countryside of Oregon last week on vacation.  At least it seemed like it.

We actually went to the Oregon coast, but on the way there,  we planned in a side trip so I could do some research for my latest book series, set in the small community of Grass Valley.

From there, we took a winding, not well traveled road to Tygh Valley and then meandered our way to Mount Hood and on to Portland.

That road from Grass Valley to Tygh Valley was definitely a road less taken. One with frightening curves, no guard rails at some points. But the view was amazing, the raw beauty of nature was spectacular.

We could have gotten from point A to point B much faster if we had retraced our steps from Grass Valley back to the freeway, but we would have missed out on so much.

Sometimes we need to take life at a little slower pace, get off the busy freeway and travel that road less taken. It is well worth the trip.

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