The Rose Legacy


Kristen Heitzmann wrote a wonderful series of three books under the Diamond of the Rockies title.

The first book is The Rose Legacy, followed by Sweet Boundless and then The Tender Vine.

I’ve read the books several times, and love them more each time I read them again.

The books follow the story of Carina Maria DiGratia, a spoiled Italian girl from Sonoma, California, who escapes to the rough mining town of Crystal, Colorado, driven by both hope and vengeance.  Before she even reaches the town, she has an unfortunate encounter with Quillan Shepherd, a freighter who gets on her bad side.

Carina soon learns she doesn’t know who to trust, and finds herself leaning on Quillan for help.

In the second book, she is Quillan’s bride, but the two of them can’t seem to figure out how to get along and live together, so he spends months away with his freighting business until tragedy strikes and he’s forced to make some choices.

The third book has them traveling to Sonoma because Carina wants to be reunited with her family. She and Quillan both learn to lean on their faith through the experiences they endure.

These are three wonderful books with characters that seem so real you want to laugh and cry right along with them. They also are a great reminder of how God can work in the hearts of those who are willing.

If you love inspirational historic fiction, be sure to check these books out.

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