The Runaway

I know I promised Valentine-themed posts all week, so I hope you’ll pardon this interruption…  but our kitty came home!

The Heinous Cat went missing twelve days ago. As in nowhere to be found. As in gone. As in two heart-broken adults who missed his fuzzy little being quite dreadfully.

Yesterday, my neighbor let me know that her daughter thought she saw the cat in the “nature area” behind her school. On our way home from work, Captain Cavedweller and I went to the school and stomped around in the dark looking for the cat for a good thirty minutes. It was freezing outside, which would be why when I said “we” I mean “he,” while I sat in the car and kept watch.

Disappointed when no cat turned up, we went home. Moping, Captain Cavedweller opened the back door to feed Miss Maizy, the cat who lives at our house part time, and there sat The Heinous Cat. We were beyond thrilled. I’d even go so far to say Captain Cavedweller looked like a kid who just got the best Christmas present ever.

The Heinous Cat was skinny and filthy, but not too much the worse for wear for his wild adventures. His Mama would really like to know where he has been for nearly two weeks, but the stubborn little feline isn’t talking.

We’d also love to know how he got home. I’ve yet to connect with our neighbor to see if we are forever in their debt.

However it happened, we are just really glad the cat is back home. He has been grounded, scolded, petted, cuddled and told he can never go off wandering again. We hope this time he’ll listen.

She Who Is Glad to Have the Cat Back

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