The scents of the holidays

The month of December is one filled with scents that make me smile, stir nostalgia, and fill my home with aromas that are both comforting and delicious.

The scent of bayberry makes me think of my grandmother and while the smell of just-made peanut brittle brings to mind fun times in the kitchen with my mom.

I have a mix of candles and warmer scents that I turn to every season to make my home smell like Christmas. (And a disclaimer that none of these companies know me from Adam’s off ox – I just like their products!)

Some of my favorites are: Cozy Fireside by Scentsy. My entire house smells of cinnamon and spice when I drop this in my warmer. (Thanks, Jennifer, for keeping me supplied!)

 One of my favorite, favorite candle fragrances is Tis The Season from Bath & Body Works. It makes me wistful and reflective of holidays past.

red berry candle

I also love Red Berry & Cedar from Yankee Candle.

home for holidays candle

Home for the Holidays is a scent that makes you think of Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house. Old-fashioned and delightfully wonderful.

pomegranate cider

Pomegranate Cider is a fresh and updated scent that still has a lingering hint of Christmas past.

I also enjoy holiday lotions and potions like:

candy cane bliss soap

Candy Cane Bliss.

and  Fresh Sparkling Snow.

vanilla bean noel

Vanilla Bean Noel is a great lotion choice to have on hand for guests to use because it has a light, warm fragrance that isn’t overpowering, yet still offers a hint of holiday cheer.

May your home be filled with fragrances of joy, love, and good cheer!

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