The Storm

Last night, I was madly typing away, working on my next romance novel, when the power went out.

I yelled “what did you do?” to Captain Cavedweller just about the time thunder boomed across the early evening peacefulness, rattling the house and my nerves.

Hurrying outside with CC, we glanced at the sky, watching a fast-moving storm roll in.

I ran inside and grabbed my camera. From the time I took the first photo until the rain drove us back in the house was probably about ten minutes.

storm 1

The sky was not yet dark, just filled with amazing clouds when I started taking photos. This is looking south of our house.

storm 2

It quickly began to darken.

storm 2 a

storm 2b

The clouds were moving so fast.

storm 2c

And getting really interesting…

storm 3

This is a view over our back fence to the west.

storm 4

You can see the sky getting darker, the clouds moving closer.storm 5

And closer…storm 6

And looking really scary.

storm 7

There were these awesome holes in the clouds where the lighter sky behind them poked through.

storm 8

It looked like the dark parts of the cloud were about to fall.

storm 9

This was really cool. See where the white and dark connect. There is just a little glimmer of silvery blue…

storm 11

The clouds started to split…

storm 12

Until the two clouds broke apart and you could see blue sky between the two.

storm 10

Then it got really dark…

storm 13And rain started pouring down in sheets, chasing us inside where we watched it dance across the road and chase the cats for cover.

Two hours later our power came back on and the rain stopped.

There’s nothing quite like a spring storm, unless it’s one in the middle of the summer!

She Who Does Not Like Thunder

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