The Tulips

tulips 5

I’ve blogged about these beauties before, but I love these tulips.

The deep magenta and the soft pink tones speak to my heart and make me smile.

tulip center

The original bulbs came from Captain Cavedwellers great-grandmother. We got our starts from CC’s grandma. Where we have them planted they are always the last tulips to bloom, usually after the threat of frost has gone and spring has truly arrived.

tulips 7

I can see them from my kitchen window and all it takes is a glance at their vibrant blooms to make me smile.

tulips 6

The other day the sun was shining just right to take a few fun shots of the tulips (and the bugs hiding on the petals).

tulips 3

The blooms were absolutely gorgeous.

tulips 4Rich and colorful.

tulips 1

And the sky was a fantastic shade of blue.

tulips 2

That made me really glad I took a few minutes to stop and enjoy my tulips.

She Who Loves Spring Flowers

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